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semi-overcast 23 °C

Arrived in Paris today OMG and my hotel is about a 20minute walk from the Eiffel Tower....it is so much bigger than I ever imagined. I wallked around the base and surrounding areas today along with about a million other people...well not quite but there was a lot. Across the River Seine from the Eiffel Tower is a beautiful area called Palais De Challott, magnificent old building, statues, fountains, lawns and an old fashioned Carousel absolutely beautiful!! Wanting to go for a cruise on the Seine, They also have a hop on hop off bus here as well which I will use as it is a great way of getting around to see everything and to get your bearings as to where everything is. The hotel is nice,staff friendly, my room is small (enough room for me and my suitcase)but it is comfortable and hey I sleep and shower here so it doesn'tneed to be big.
I was wanting to eat French for tea but had to settle for Lebanese, tomorrow I will find a french restaurant...I did walk past a patisserie todat and saw some yummy food scrumptious looking custard slice pastrys etc etc.It is 9.30pm here and only just starting to get dark.

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rain 19 °C

My last day in Brussells, I did a walking tour around what they call Europe in Brussels and I managed to follow a map withut getting too lost, saw the European Parliamnet Dome, Leopold Park along the way there was a lot of opportunity to compare older architecture with that of today, particularly when you compare "Berlaymont" which is a very modern modern building in a curved cross for want of better words. The weather wasn't particularly kind, rained and a bit chilly so I did have to buy an umbrella. A fairly quiet day have almost packed again ready to move on to Paris Tomorrow. Hopefully will have internet access their as well and i need to spend some time seeing how I can upload photos into this bit as well as the gallery

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sunny 22 °C

Day 3 in Brussells......did a lot of walking today, visited (as a tourist) the buildings of Justice and The Church of our Lady on the Sablon which was along the lines of the churches in Rome, also did a tour of the Royal Palace, obviuouslywe didn'tgo into the rooms that are used regularly by the King and his family, but it did give an appreciation of what the rest of the rooms would be like....a lot of gold some fine art work and obviuosly they have alotmore moeny at their disposal than what I do! At the end of the tour they had a room set up for kids to play and learn through doing experiments, a great idea and gave the kids something to remember the visit by and showed the parents that it is possible to play and learn maths, science etc at the same time.
My favourite seafood now has to be mussels tonight I had them lightly cooked in garlic butter, sprinkled with cheese and fine breadcrumbs and lightly grilled to complete and they were delicious and yes I will have to have my cholesterol checked when I get home.
I went to a chocolate factory today and while they only do tours for groups I was still able to watch them making the chocolate.......they gave me a free hot chocolate....liquid gold, warm smooth chocolate. Also tasted some pepper chocolate and chilli chocolate both yummy and then I bought a couple of small bars for later. Most places here when you order coffee will give you a square of dark chocolate to go with....and surprisingly it tastes great- Iam not normally a dark chocolate eater but Belgium dark chocolate tastes good and then I have no guilt .....it is good for me!!
There are so many different types of beer available here, they all taste good and have now discovered some which are more like our Ales.

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Day one and two

overcast 25 °C

Iam now in Brussells, it is very different to Rome, and while it has history is not as evident as that of Rome. It is quite a relaxed city with a number of parks and open spaces. Ihave been on the hop on hop off tour and saw the Royal Palace - they have a King who represents Brussells overseas etc. but the policys are determined by parliament, similar To us they have a Senate and also a Team of Deputies (like our house of Rep) . Govt is presided over by the Prime Minister - the Kings residence is quite Large as you would expect) and they have both a summer and winter residence. The European Parliament is interesting with some very modern beautiful buildings - if you likemodern architecture. Brussels is one of the "capitals" of the European Union" and so there are a large number of public servants employed as a result approx13,000
The food is good, for lunch yesterday I had chocolate coated strawberrys and a waffle with Banana and strawberrys and chocolate - Belgium is know for its waffles, chocolate and mussels. Speaking of mussels I had those for tea the other night - around 25 - 30 of cooked in onion and celery, presented in a largish pan, the waiter puts a bib on you and then they brought out some golden chips to eat with them - prior to that I had cheeses balls that had been deep fried - a luscious way to eat cheese! Last night I had a whole cooked fish with mangoe and ginger and for dessert lemon meringue. The coffee here is good but not as good as Romes.
I have had some belgium beer it is a little sweeter and seem "thicker" than ours but none the less goes down well.
Going to have some tea now and hopefully after will upload some photo's

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sunny 30 °C

Rome is such a beautiful city, so much history, the architecture its hard to put it into words. The Pantheon....its the structure, the feelings you experience when you are there, the thoughts of who may have walked on that marble floor before you....centuries ago. I am so fortunate most of the churches have been open and so have been able to walk around and experience the beauty, the fine art detail and a feeling of "at peace"....how wonderful is that! I went to an exhibition "once we were Romans" pieces of art from 130BC and they are still finding stuff from civilisations long gone........Rome the eternal city!
One of the things I enjoy in life is a good coffee and Iam now into espresso or in Aussie a short black, I often drink at the counter now....its what the locals do "its cool" and only 80c while at a table its $3.00 +, the pasta and pizza are good and thew wine is so smooth just slides down, the people are so friendly and one other thing on food tomatoes taste like real tomatoes - I was talking to one of the owners also cook in a cafe and she was saying this has been a really good year for tomatoes, they are awesome and she also made a tiramasu....it was to die for!

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