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Brians RTW

Boston Day 2

sunny 34 °C

My first full day in Boston, what a beautiful city,partucularly the harbour area, really really beautiful. I walked down to the first stop of the Hop on Hop off tour today and did most of that and will use that as abase for the rest of the time that Iam here.In the afternoon I did a harbour crusie ....the cost was included in the hop onm hop off cost, it was really good you could see the sky line from the ocean, they have a large financial district here....appparently they control 6% of the worlds total wealth here...who knows if thats a lot or not!!! but they do have a nice lot of modern skyscrapers in that district and perhaps I'm strange but I do like that modern type of architecture, not forgetting my love of the older buildings I have seen for example ROME. We also went by what used to be the naval base here- Clinton never frgave Bostinians for not supporting him and so closed down the Naval base, but did see the coast guard area. Much of Boston is on reclaimed land, their airport has been built totally on reclaimed land. After the cruise I walked along the harbour area and then decided to have my haircut, was going to relive the sixties but thought better of it!! Had a lovely brazillian girl cut it, I think she did a good job, she was really excited as she is sitting for her test to become an American citizen tomorrow.
While I was on the cruise I was talking to a bloke from Chine who was now living in Los Angeles...has been for about the last 20 years and goes bback to China every year, I mentioned that we had been to China and so he talked about how much it had changed over the last couple of years, then we started to discuss our favourite cities and he had just been to NY and the first thing he said to me was what about Times Square isn't just amazing........so I'm not the only one!!
For tea tonight I went to a "legal seafood" Restaurant, its a chain of seafood places here and I have to say the food is just great and not that expensive, they have a big seafood industry here particularly in Oysters and Lobster /crayfish in Aussie, I had a combination in a sefood sort of broth, it included Lobster, Mussels, Cockles, prawns and baby octupus it was so yum for entre I had a seafood chowder, not Sanfrancisco style but still good. The weather today was just perfect, about 34 and the same is predicted for the next few days, I am so lucky and so thankful that I have had the oportunity to do all of this.

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Brian RTW


sunny 30 °C

Sadly I have now left New York, but am happy to be in Boston although I went for a walk not long after I arrived and I had to ask myself where have all the poeple gone, comparedto NY it just seemed so quiet, but in saying that it does look to be a beautiful city.
My last couple of days in NEW York were just as amazing as the rest and I really didn't get enough time to do everything and so I do have another resolution to go back there again in the future.......it would be great to be there for NEW YEARS not this coming one but perthaps the one after!! just imagine New Years in Times Square freezing but an electric atmosphere!!
Anyway back to my last day I went to a musical on Broadway .....Memphis,it was the most amazing show, the music, the dancing, the story and the loudness of the music, one of the best, I would love to take the kids to something similar, not sure they would completely understand the story begind Memphis Black / white etc. Even though my seat was as high as they go I had an unrestricted view of the stage and music juyst seemed to be allround you and to top it off the usherette kept me company before thew show and during interval, perhaps if it comes to Adelaide if the boys aren't interested I could take the partners!!
Earlier that day I went for a walk and discovered Grand Central, the original railway station for NEW YORK, it was kinda like a grand old lady but still in full use, beautiful marble floos and staircases, the staircase gracefully overlook the whole station, trulya beautifully maintained station. I went down to the food area and watched some bakery staff make these awesome cheesecakes (red velvet cheesecake) and just had to have one my self, it was truly rich, smooth and very disgutingly delicious and the coffeee wasn't too bad either!!....for American coffee anyway, they reall do struggle to make a good coffee and sometimes I wonder why do they taost a salad roll with the salad in it what the!!!!
I have absolutely loved this city but not as easy to have a conversation with people as it has been in other cities some of that could be because in London and Paris I was in smaller hotels and so the guests kind got to know each other but in the bigger ones that doesn't seem to happen.
My flight from NY was good even though I thought i was travelling withj United when in actual fact I was flying with US airways and so hadto walk to another terminal, fortunately I had allowed plenty of time, to top it off I had to pay $25 to checvk my luggage!, got a shuttle bus from the airport to my hotel. Have been for a walk and familiarised myself and will probably fo a hop on hop off tur tomorrow so that I get to see where everything is.

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Brians RTW

New York, New York

sunny 28 °C

Since my last entry I have arrived in New York and what a truly exciting city it is. Just standing tin Times Square, what a huge buzzz the atmosphere,the neon lights, the noise, the people truly truly exciting.
Have also been to Central Park its amazing such a beautifulpark right in the middle of a thriving bustling city and so big, it has something for everone, playgrounds for the kids, sportsfields,lakes and plenty of areas where you can just sit down and absorb eveything.
Yesterday I did the building thing went to the top of Rockafellow Centre (the Rock) which I think is 76 floors up and the home of CBN. After that I did the Empire State Building and went to level 102, at the moment it is the tallest builiding in New York and it was a lovely clear evening, so you could see for miles and miles andmade the one and half hour wait (thats after a 40 minute lineup to get tickets) all worth it.....after all you cant come to NY and not do the Empire State building. Someone was saying today that next week(?) there will be one taller but I haven't heard that anywhere else. To top my day off I had tea at Planet Hollywood, I had forgotten the music and everyhting that you experience there, it was electric.
The thrills just keep on coming today I caught the underground down to Manhatten, walked down Wall St,saw the NY stock Exchange although wasn't allowed in, went into Tiffany's (wow the jewellery in that store not to mention the price tags) went to the Twin Towers site and they have commenced rebuilding on that site now, so I went to the remembrance site they have, it is so emotional just being there and there were quite a number wiping tears from their eyes.
from there wait for it I did the Statue of Liberty cruise and again a huge crowd 45minutes to get tickets then another 95 to actually get on the boat after an airport type security scanning. Unfortunately I couldn't do the climb as they had all been sold for today but I got to walk around it, it just seems so different actually being there, sometimes I have to pinch myself, is this a dream or what!!

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Brians RTW

Day 4 Montreal

sunny 21 °C

Today I did the hop on Hop off Tour which while good was not as good as some other hop hop off tours I have done, they only had about 8 stops and a couple od those I had already seen during my walking tour. The weather was perfect today a little cloudy but sunnny and warm so I climbed Mount Royal or in local words Mont Royale, the name Montreal was derived from this hence tghe city's name. The climb up was quite steep especially up Rue de Peel (Peel Street) and then had a multitude of steps to climb to reach the peak, I then followed a bit of an offthe beaten track and found the localbroadcasting tower which ids perched right on the top, it did test my fitness and so just to prove Iam still fit I redid the climb later in the afternoon. The views are fantatstic as you overlook the whole city and with the day being clear you could see for miles. Iam hoping my legs don't react tomorrow!
I then did a bit of a walk around town, saw some clothes that I liked and were not too expensive so may go back tomorrow....have only one more day left in Montreal and then its NEW YORK, the down side my taxi is picking me up at 4.00am to catch my flight to New York

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Brians RTW

Montreal Day 2

rain 18 °C

The weather is not doingnthe right thing, the rain that started yesterday is continuing so I had to find stuff to do that didn't expose me to the elements too much.......First up I walked doewn to the area they reserve for the arts, initially so that I got an idea where it was because they have a lights and water display in the evening. They have a heap of small water fountains in the ground which yes is nothing knew and I have seen them in other countries, but these look like they are dancing to music and all in unison, took some photos for some Asian girls and then got them to take a couple of me, its a new skill I have trusting others with my camera!!!
At this time the rain was getting heavier so I decided to go to the contemporary art gallery and so glad that I did, the first thing that I viewed was kinda like avideo clip, except that they had put a whole string of them together with different artists and made a story of someones life out of it, an interesting concept. Then they had another video that captured human apprehsion when contemplating trying something new, while at the same time showing a childs recation to something similar and I know all kids are not like this but it showed the kids just getting in and trying stuff while the adult contemplated and then still thought about it some more, some good life messages .......I thought so anyway!! then they had a miurror sort of thing that when you moved it gave a different perpective on what tyou were looking at and ofcourse some of the abstract art on paper, it was a great way of feeding the senses, left brain / right brain stuff. I think I have become more aware of the arts and what they have to offer since I have been away and no boys not gone all arty farty!
After that I decided to find my way round a little more in the underground cty and its amazing just like walking the streets in Adelaide but all underground and raining outside but totally unaware of what the wether is doing. I also did a walking self guided tour following a map in a tourist book and yes I did well, did not get lost and saw some great architecture etc.
This evening I went to the water and music show...all free but an excellent display of coloured lights, music and water all moving in tune.
Eating out here is reasonably expensive and the menu never quotes the whole price its just the starting price then you add Federal tax, then provincial tax and then 15% service tax (tips), we are so lucky in Australia!, but still a great city to be in........and one last thing yesterday on the walking tour we went to the church that Celine Dion got married in......I can sene your excitement from here!!!!

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