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Montreal Day 2

rain 18 °C

The weather is not doingnthe right thing, the rain that started yesterday is continuing so I had to find stuff to do that didn't expose me to the elements too much.......First up I walked doewn to the area they reserve for the arts, initially so that I got an idea where it was because they have a lights and water display in the evening. They have a heap of small water fountains in the ground which yes is nothing knew and I have seen them in other countries, but these look like they are dancing to music and all in unison, took some photos for some Asian girls and then got them to take a couple of me, its a new skill I have trusting others with my camera!!!
At this time the rain was getting heavier so I decided to go to the contemporary art gallery and so glad that I did, the first thing that I viewed was kinda like avideo clip, except that they had put a whole string of them together with different artists and made a story of someones life out of it, an interesting concept. Then they had another video that captured human apprehsion when contemplating trying something new, while at the same time showing a childs recation to something similar and I know all kids are not like this but it showed the kids just getting in and trying stuff while the adult contemplated and then still thought about it some more, some good life messages .......I thought so anyway!! then they had a miurror sort of thing that when you moved it gave a different perpective on what tyou were looking at and ofcourse some of the abstract art on paper, it was a great way of feeding the senses, left brain / right brain stuff. I think I have become more aware of the arts and what they have to offer since I have been away and no boys not gone all arty farty!
After that I decided to find my way round a little more in the underground cty and its amazing just like walking the streets in Adelaide but all underground and raining outside but totally unaware of what the wether is doing. I also did a walking self guided tour following a map in a tourist book and yes I did well, did not get lost and saw some great architecture etc.
This evening I went to the water and music show...all free but an excellent display of coloured lights, music and water all moving in tune.
Eating out here is reasonably expensive and the menu never quotes the whole price its just the starting price then you add Federal tax, then provincial tax and then 15% service tax (tips), we are so lucky in Australia!, but still a great city to be in........and one last thing yesterday on the walking tour we went to the church that Celine Dion got married in......I can sene your excitement from here!!!!

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