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I have moved on to Chicago and I have to say that Iam surprised at just what a beautiful city it is, the streets are wide, the architecture is really interesting and varied, not that i'm an expert but I did go on a architectural tour today...Chicago has long been know for its skyline and you can see the chnages in style as tastes and legislation have changed over the years. Lake Michigan is lovely and creates an ideal setting for this beautiful city, the naval peer being one of the main tourist attractions with something for everyone.
My one regret is that it is the wrong half of the year to see any basketball and the stadium is even open so I acn't say that I have been to the Bulls stadium either, next time I will have to plan better.
Millenium park here is wonderful always something happening and they have some unusaul statues and beautiful water fountains - one of the fountains is quite large and a human face appears on it and then the mouth opens and water comes out, the moth shuts and the water stops, haven't explained that very well but anyway it looks good. Saw a demonstration today and this one was about the govt bailing out the Banks and Wall St and in a lot of ways there is a lot of anti govt. feeling here, not just the ruling govt but governments in general and I think some have just about had enough of the tough times while they still see some reaping the benefits of ripping others of so to speak and you still see newspaper articles of executives receiving large bonuses etc.
I went to a jazz show earlier today and while I have not always enjoyed jazz or it is not my first choice in music the concert was really good and has wet my appetite to experience more.
There is a wide range of retail shops here and I feel quite safe walking the streets, however as wth all cities there are those who beg on the streets and I have seen some peole buy them a meal rather than give them money....I think because at least that way they know what their money is being used for.
Last night I had a great meal at an itallian restaurant and not sure where I will go tonight, I must say there are times when it would be good just to cook myself a meal without having to go and suss out a good eating place....not complaining, I cannot get over how lucky I am to be having all of these experiences, to see all that I am seeing, the people, the tastes, the smells and the noise etc etc.

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